Q: How do we get SKUs to appear with products / product page?

A: We create an "MPN" tag which can be used for this purpose.  In the Shopify theme you can edit the Liquid code (or use a plugin) to display this tag.  There is also the SKU field on each product.  But this is the Turn 14 SKU which includes the line code.

Q: I’d like to understand how tags are used so that I know which I can delete... or not.  

A: All of the tags are to assist with web design.  For example, if you want to add a note to a product (i.e. This product is special order, please allow for 10-15 days delivery) because it is "special order" you can use the SpecialOrder:Y tag.  The other tags are there to support the store - Prop65, Carb, etc.

Q: Is there an easy way to see what changes have been processed on synchronization status?  I can see the link for products added or deleted but not changes.  

A: The current version of our app does not provide details about changes.  But we'll keep a note of this for a future version.

Q: Can I make bulk changes to products? (For Example - I was investigating how to add a single line description to a large number of products and read that it is possible to make a bulk change by exporting the CSV file, editing it, then importing it back in. Would doing this ruin the app integration? )

A: Yes that's a great way to do bulk edits.  It is similar to editing the descriptions inside the Shopify admin but quicker.  However, be sure to turn off description synchronization in the Content tab.  Otherwise our app will keep setting the description back to the Turn 14 API version.  You can also turn on/off title synchronization if you plan to customize the titles.

Q: Does the MPN tag populate the SKU field, or are these separate?

A: We use the Turn 14 part number for the SKU.  This is required for placing orders.

The MPN is added to a tag which can be used in your product pages.  We have some sample code that you can use to embed these in the product pages.  Each theme is different so this might require some adjustments:

<ul class="product-tags">
{% for tag in product.tags %}
{% if tag contains 'MPN' %}
<li>Manufacturer Part Number: {{ tag | slice: 4,100}}</li>
{% endif %}
{% endfor %}

Based off of https://shopify.github.io/liquid/filters/slice/  

Q: The duplicate images do seem to happen on many of our products. I’ve gone back through and it looks like it might just be on Bilstein products.  I’ve added a few examples:  

A: Thank you for the samples.  These are the images we receive from Turn14.  It looks like the brand has included multiple copies of the same image.