Here are a few answers to questions you might have about Filters:

Q: Is there a way to exclude some specific type of item I don’t want in my store, like clothing?

 A: Yes. You can filter by category in the categories tab of the app.  In this case it would probably be under apparel.

Q: So I am having to bring the products in a little at a time due to the vehicle filters bypassing universal parts like gauges.  I remove the filters, select the categories and brands, then erase all the settings and import, say, a filtered item like ACT clutches: Mazda RX7 all sub models. Now since I am turning the filters on/off to bring products in, will the inventory for existing products still update despite the filters being different?  Or would I have to recreate all the filters one at a time over and over every time I want an update?

 A: We've listened to your feedback and have added an option to include/exclude universal fitment parts like batteries and decals in the filters section. This will let you add in universal parts while also specifying fitment filtered parts. You can additionally do this on a brand by brand basis!

Q: What if I just want to have products from one make of vehicle, like for instance BMW’s, but I already have products from other vehicles in my store. Do I have to go through my store deleting all the products I don’t want?

 A: No you don’t! You can just use Filters to filter out all parts from vehicles that are not BMW, like this:

Note: It make take some time for the app to filter out all the parts from other vehicles, so be patient. Check the “Status” button and product counts to see what’s happening. 

Q: I am not seeing products I am expecting from a certain brand, why aren't they loading?

A: My first question is have you checked the filter report? It's located in the filters tab and can be generated by clicking on the blue report button in the bottom corner. This brings up an excel sheet with all the products being filtered out of the store and the reason why.  

Here is a video with more details.