1. Use the categories as-is

2. Let the app load the Turn 14 categories, then use the Rename function in BigCommerce.  This will ensure that the category is still 'connected' to Turn 14 (it will have the hidden HTML data to link back to Turn 14).

3. Create their own categories in the structure that they like, then create the HTML links manually.  They can use one of the existing HTML links to see how they are created, then create their own.

4. You can create a custom category as long as it doesn't break the original Turn 14 categories. Break means the child categories can't be interchanged or moved to other original parent categories.

Example 1: Here "All Parts" is created and the whole Turn 14 category structure is moved inside.
Example 2: A "My Brakes" custom category is created under the original main category "Brakes". Then the selected sub categories can be inside the "My Brakes" category.If you want to try this we highly suggest you create a BigCommerce test store so that you can play around the categories.

Please note that we can only support up to 4 category levels. Anything more than that will result in duplicated categories.