This is where you can connect to the distributors you have accounts with, as well as data catalogues. We also have links to the pages where you can apply for accounts with distributors you may not have an account with yet! At the bottom of the page are the fields we synchronize. This means these are the fields getting updated regularly. If for example you want to edit titles or descriptions, you can turn off the sync for those fields so we don't overwrite your changes!


1. First, click on the "Settings" tab. From there, you will see Distributors and Catalogs tabs. You will need to connect Slingshot to at least one Catalog data source before you can begin loading brands. The Distributors provide the price and stock data, but the Catalogs provide the core data you will need to sell parts from your store - images, fitment, enhanced titles and descriptions, and so on (depending on the Catalog). You must already have accounts with any Distributors and Catalogs you wish to connect to via the Slingshot Automotive app.



- Under Settings, choose Distributors. Enter your connection details and test to make sure your FTP login is working. 



For some distributors you can also enter your shipping or other details such as which fields you would like to stay synchronized to Slingshot (i.e. receive updates).



- You can either enter your SDC details in the Distributors window too, or click “Edit” to go straight to SDC. If you haven’t yet registered for an SDC account, click on “Register for an account”.


Once you have added at least one distributor, you can click around in that Distributor and it’ll show you more about it - which brands and catalogs are available, basic stats, and so on: