Login/Connection Issues


Sometimes you may see messages like this appearing after you have connected to your chosen Distributors and/or Catalog data sources:


Brand authorization issues

After getting authorized for some brands from either your Distributor or Catalog data source, you may wonder why these brands aren’t showing up in your store. In this case, you may need to update your authorizations. Under Settings→Catalogs click the “Get Authorization” button:


Then, be sure to re-add your brands to your store in the usual way!


If your Distributor or Catalog FTP password is not working, you will also get a message like this:



This is also visible when using the 'test' button in Slingshot:



Please re-enter your login details and press the 'test' button to confirm:



If the login is not working you will need to contact your Distributor to fix this. In the case of Keystone, you can email sdksupport@key-stone.com for help or we can do this for you and cc you.


Please note - it may not be enough to enter your regular account details, ftp access is a separate set of credentials.