The pricing report provides some useful insight into why products priced the way they are in your store.  Are they priced at MAP?  Maybe the price is showing higher than MAP, but you don't know why?  The report will show you each part number and exactly why it is priced the way it is.

Start by downloading your pricing report in the Turn14 app, under the pricing tab, shown here. 

Then, scroll down to click the "report" button shown here:

Once downloaded, we highly recommend viewing this report in google sheets, as it handles larger spreadsheets a bit better and the following function is much easier to use.

Upload the file to your google drive, and right click, "Open with", then Google sheets.

If you are looking for a specific SKU, just open the file up directly and use Ctrl+F to open the find window, enter the SKU and hit enter, and you should see the reason that SKU is priced as it is.


The column named "Expression Text" will explain in detail the end price of the product, for example, our selected SKU shows;

"MAP/MSRP/Margin is set and we found a MAP of $73.4. Embedded shipping is enabled so we add the estimated rate of $13.78 to the price. The price is then decorated to "0.99" The final price is therefore $87.99."