Q: I noticed that all turn 14 part numbers have a prefix in front of the manufacturer number for example vibrant is Vibxxxx. Is there a way to tag the vibrant products with the actual vibrant part number so that they show up in a search by keyword other than going though and doing it all manually? I am unable to have any of the vibrant products show up in a search on my website unless I include the prefix.

A: We include a Manufacturer Part Number tag on each product by default (you can turn tags on/off in the Content tab).

This can be used to include the MPN in the product description.  Here is some sample code that can do the trick:

<ul class="product-tags">
{% for tag in product.tags %}
{% if tag contains 'MPN' %}
<li>Manufacturer Part Number: {{ tag | slice: 4,100}}</li>
{% endif %}
{% endfor %}

This is based off of https://shopify.github.io/liquid/filters/slice/ and is inserted into the code for your Shopify theme under Actions- edit code. Where the code goes may vary from theme to theme but we tried it near the product title in the product-template.liquid section. This helps with the site search.

Also see demo video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_HeAKHTELr0&t=51s