Here are the different pricing plans in PartFinder: 

1. To start the installation download the part finder app. 

2. Then go into the integrations tab and select the csv option you prefer.  

3. Next work through the steps provided by PartFinder.

When you get to step 2, this is where you can use the bulk upload option to add the csv file we generated in the Turn 14 Distribution app. 

4. The final step is to add the code to the liquid code of your theme. Placement depends on what theme you are using and where you want to have the app located on the page.

Updating PartFinder:

  1. Open the PartFinder app and click on “Fields” to check or modify what fitment data your store is using

  1. Open the Turn14 app and click “Integrations”. 

  1. Click on whichever “Download a Fitment CSV File” link that contains the type of fitment data you want in your store.

Ensure that the CSV you downloaded has the same fields that you put in the PartFinder page. 

  1. Back in the PartFinder app, click on “Part Mappings”, then click on “Bulk Import”. Click “Choose File” and select the .csv file that was downloaded from the Turn14 App, then click “Import File”. The PartFinder app will import the fitment data in the background after a brief waiting period. It will take some time for the app to update.