Manufacturers often provide additional information about their products.  This information doesn’t fit into the standard title, description, UPC, and other Shopify slots.  Things like Bolt Spacing, Material Type, Diameter, and other part-specific features are therefore created as Shopify tags.

Slingshot Automotive also creates additional tags that are useful for web designers.  Special order status, Core Charge fees, CARB status, and other tags can be automatically created for you, depending on which ones you have selected.

You can enhance or “clean up” your product data with Attributes. This will save you tons of time you might otherwise have to spend on manual data cleanup. When products are created in your store, then tags are created along with those products. You can see the tags available to you, which you can switch on or off, under the Attributes tab. Tags can be used by developers to customize your store and enhance your product listings.