- Log into your Premier portal (https://dealer.premierwd.com) account using the credentials you received from your Premier representative.

- Go to the ‘My Data’ menu and select ‘Custom Data Feed’.  If you do not have this menu, please contact your Premier representative to have it enabled.

- Select the “Standard” option.

- Scroll down to the vendors section.  Press the “>>” button to include all brands in the data feed.  Also select the Stocking filter and press the “>” button. Note that at the time this guide was written, selecting more filters or using the custom fields would produce an empty data file so we are using ‘safe’ options here.

- Scroll down to the Schedule section and ensure that “Comma” is selected.  Under Zip file select “Yes”. For the file name please use “DH2T”.  The Premier FTP option must also be selected.

- Once the above selections have been made press, “Submit”.  You should then get the following confirmation with your account information.

- The above information can be entered into the Slingshot “Premier” distributor connection.  Go to the “Settings” tab of your Slingshot app and scroll down to the Premier section.  Press the “Connect” button.

- Enter the Username and Password from the previous step into your Connection configuration.  Then press “Accept”.

You should now have your Premier data feed connected.  If you run into any problems please contact support at: support@dataheretothere.com 

Toll-Free US: (833) 309-1933, Canada: (855) 601-1464