The first thing you'll need to do is enter your credentials for the applicable warehouse distributors via the settings tab, and get them connected. You'll need your FTP key and password or other applicable login information. Then from there you'll add any data catalogues you need. Then you can start selecting brands.


The brands list is populated based on the line cards of the connected warehouse distributors. If a warehouse distributor adds a new brand, it will automatically show up in the list! You'll need to select the brand, then a data catalogue to go with it. 

If you browse without filters you will get results for all brands available through your accounts regardless of if they are fufillable at all. So if you have an account with SEMA data co-op, and you have a Keystone account, you will probably see brands you can request through SEMA but that Keystone doesn't carry.

Some of the brands on the list may require extra paperwork such as a sellers agreement. If this is preventing a brand from loading into your store contact your rep with the appropriate warehouse distributor to look into the process.

Each brand will have a short description, and when you click on it, you will see a screen with various statistics such as image coverage, fitment data coverage, total number of products and more! You can also see which warehouse distributors and data catalogues carry that brand. 


Go through and pick the brands you want. By default all brands are currently unauthorized, but if you go to SEMA (or another catalogue of your choice) and ask them for authorization for those brands, that notification should disappear.


If you have not added a catalogue data source like SDC, DCi or ASAP, a banner will pop up and say “You need to add a catalogue data provider.” You cannot add any brands until you have selected at least one distributor and one catalogue.

You can see information about each brand including a) where you can get the relevant catalogue data, and much more. Here is an example:



- As you select Brands, you will be able to see more and more products loading in (check under “Products” in the left hand Shopify menu bar). 

- If you remove a brand, it will remove the brand from your list - but not actually delete those products which have already been loaded into your store. You can still delete those manually from your Shopify admin Products list, if you like. 

- If you Disable a brand, Slingshot will keep that Brand in your list, but products will not be updated.

- You can also use the Search to filter down, since your Brands list can get quite long. You can filter your Brands search by any of these: