Q: How can I delete all products on my Shopify and only add products that are in stock at  Turn 14? I’m getting a lot of orders on products that are out of stock and then I have to refund them.

A: There is a setting in Shopify called "continue selling when out of stock". You may want to disable this setting.

This Shopify help article explains how to hide out of stock products.

This Shopify help article explains the "continue selling when out of stock setting"

If you really want to clear out your whole store you have two options:

1. If you only have Turn 14 products loaded by the app reach out to support@dataheretothere.com and ask us to clear the store.

2. If you have manually created products you want to keep, we can't clear out the store as our method totally wipes the whole store. You will want to either delete all the Turn 14 brands through Shopify, or try narrowming the filters down drastically so that the app is forced to remove as many products as possible.