You can use the Fitment Buckets that come with the app for niche sites instead of a YMM search- for no extra charge!

Having one or more fitment buckets makes it easy for your buyers to shop using their mobile phones. They can quickly select from whole groups of items. This is different from a classic year-make-model (YMM) organization of categories where your customer would have to go through and select the specific items one by one, which is done more easily from a desktop. 

Say for instance you want to create a category for Ford, subcategory Mustang; you would need to do that through one of the YMM search Integrations by clicking that button and selecting your favorite:

Fitment Buckets are dynamic categories based on fitment. We can use the fitment data to create collections in your store, e.g. "2010-2015 Ford F-150", "2016-2018 Ford Mustang", "Corvette Air Intakes", "2010-2012 BMW Bumpers", etc.  This is ideal for mobile shoppers who find it easier to click on buttons or categories instead of using the YMM search. Or if you have a very specific niche like Nissan 350Z and 370Z rom a certain year range you could use a bucket for each year and use that instead of a YMM search.

In Bucket Name enter what you would like your fitment bucket to be called, then click 'Add'. You have just created a space on your Turn 14 Distribution app where you can add items you would like in your Bucket.