This is where you can decide which plan you need for your store. Our Slingshot Automotive pricing plans are transparent and easy to switch between. 

You can get started with the Free plan and use the Brand Explorer to figure out which Warehouse Distributors carry your favorite brands. The Base plan gets you connected to one Catalog data source, which allows you to bring in and synchronize all the enhanced data (titles, descriptions, images and MAP pricing where available) from the brands carried by that Catalog. 

The Solo plan lets you add one Warehouse Distributor of your choice, enabling stock and price updates. Solo plus Orders includes all of the above, plus you can automatically send orders to your distributor, and tracking data back to your store. 

The Pro Plan allows you to add more distributors and catalogs. It also includes Smart Filters and Smart Enhancements. Finally, Pro plus Orders adds Zipline™ Advanced Order Routing!

If you try to use features from a plan you’re not currently subscribed to, you will see a message like this near the top of your screen:



Just press the link to upgrade and you can instantly get access to any additional suppliers and/or catalogs that you have accounts with.