Finally, a way to manage your orders across multiple distributors and catalogs, for a reasonable price! By automating this part of your business, you may even be able to expand your reach internationally.


Most couriers will require a phone number for delivery.  Therefore it is important to enable the “Shipping address phone number” option in your Shopify store.  To do this, go to your store’s Admin Settings -> Checkout and accounts Under Customer Information should be set to “Required”.



General Settings


In the Slingshot Automotive app under the General Settings tab, you can Enable order automation, Enable tracking automation, allow or disallow orders being split across multiple distributors, or ship orders to a waypoint you specify, if you want to ship to international destinations. This will allow you to save on shipping and handling costs while still satisfying those distant customers!

Order Routing

Under Order Routing, you have the option to Fulfill all orders from a single distributor, or leave this unselected to Fulfill from more than one distributor. (Please note: this is Version 1 of the Slingshot Automotive app, which only allows single distributor routing. Stay tuned for Version 2 for multi-distributor routing).



The Status window shows the progress of your orders.