• Customer’s current UPS Ground flat rate shipping applies to all Alaska and Hawaii UPS ground shipments

• In addition to the flat rate, a $20 handling fee is charged to cover the additional shipping costs – This fee remains constant for all UPS ground shipments 

• All standard accessorial fees will apply as they normally do for all lower 48 United States shipments – UPS ground shipping to Hawaii & Alaska Formula: Flat rate + $20 handling charge + applicable accessorial charges = shipping cost to Hawaii/Alaska 

• Customers can still choose to use USPS shipping services if item is USPS eligible – USPS is calculated based on shipment size and destination – No chemicals 

• Hawaii and Alaska LTL shipping options available from all warehouses – Standard flat rates for Hawaii & Alaska LTL shipments are $300 – Items over 96 Inches (8 Feet) - $100 Additional Surcharge ($300 + $100) – Items over 192 inches (16 feet) - $200 Additional Surcharge ($300 + $200) – Carrier options to Hawaii and Alaska have limited weekly pickup schedules. Generally, it is 1 or 2 times a week depending on the warehouse. Expect longer lead times than standard continental US Shipments. 

• UPS expedited services are also available for most shipments to Hawaii and Alaska – Items must be eligible to ship by air – No chemicals 

• UPS expedited services are calculated based on service level, package weight, and destination – Shipping can be calculated through our B2B websites by inputting applicable order details

The $20 fee and the accessorial fee can be added to your standard rates.  You can add those rates in the Settings tab for your Keystone connection in Slingshot:

For the Alaska shipments you would need to add a Shopify shipping zone to include the extra fees.