1. Always make sure to check the "Send orders in test mode, do not fulfill." under the shipping settings of Keystone when doing the test order. Also enter the SDK Account Number and the SDK Test Key.

2. Go to the Orders Tab. Select the General Settings and check the "Enable order automation" and "Enable tracking automation".

3. Go to the sub menu order routing and make sure it is set to Keystone.

4. Once you are done in the app settings, create a dummy order. Please use a United States address for the test order as the Keystone test environment may only accept the US as the country. Then place a bogus order and press the "Request Fulfillment" button (it won't be fulfilled because it is a test order, make sure to use a real address and phone number.) A successful test order will be automatically updated with a dummy tracking number.

5. Go back to your Keystone settings and turn off test mode.