At Data Here-to-There we’re all about integration aka synchronizing your suppliers with your catalog data with your store and keeping it all fresh and happenin'. Do we develop websites and make them look pretty for you? Not so much. Here are some developers our clients have worked with and had good experiences with:

Tim Roi

Speed Media Marketing

Jason (Jay) Joseph

Blue Mountain Digital Marketing Services

Soren Olsen

Soar Ex Limited Copywriting

Ken Cruz

CEO | Sales & Marketing Director

AutoLink Marketing Group

Jacob Gettins


ZZX Digital

These two companies have been highly recommended to us by other clients.  They create themes and can customize content on Shopify:

 Dynamic Dreamz


5Fold - They do mostly Shopify work. According to a company rep, Aaron is THE Shopify guy. He currently manages all of OVO’s Shopify sites and is a Plus level expert. He can be reached at or (705) 986-0511. 

And here is a list of Shopify approved auto-focused website designers.