Q: I clicked on each of the buttons in the app and set everything to the way I wanted (selected the brands, set the categories and other filters, etc.). Where are my products?

A: Your products should be loading into your store, but this may take awhile. In the meantime you can check these things:

  1. Check the Status by clicking the Status button. Each brand will load in sequence, and the Status window will tell you which ones have loaded. Be patient! It can take a day or more to load approximately 10,000 products.

  2. Check the Filter audit report, which you can download by clicking the Report button at the bottom of the Filters window.  Sometimes the filters eliminate most or all of the products. For example if a brand does not have any images and the option to filter out products with missing images is enabled, nothing will be loaded (because there are no images for that brand). You can look at the Report to see which products are being excluded and why. For example, if “Import products with zero stock” is unchecked, then this report will show you all the products from all the brands that would have been loaded into your store, were it not for the “Import products with zero stock” filter.

  3. If you do all of the above and still think some brands or products that should be in your store are missing, you can reach out to support@dataheretothere.com

The Filter audit report will look something like this:

Note: The loading of a large number of products may take some time.

Q: I’ve tried everything you’ve suggested to figure out why certain brands or products don’t seem to be loading in my store. What else could be making it so that <brand x> isn’t loading??

A: The first thing we usually check is if you are on a trial and if it has expired.  When that happens it stops running the catalog updates. 

Turn 14 Distribution currently carries 390,000 parts. Shopify will only let you load 50,000 products into your store before it throttles the upload speed to 1,000 a day. You’re going to need to narrow that list down by picking only some Brands… and don’t forget to use your Filters and Categories features too!