Q: I got this error not sure why, products taking a while to load but probably because I chose a lot of brands.

A: The message you're seeing is an indication that you reached the 50,000 product variant limits. You can click the red fields and see the details. You can also copy and paste it to us for further analysis.

Note: This is not a limitation of the Turn 14 app for Shopify but of Shopify itself. Unless you have a Shopify Plus account you will run into 50,000 product variant limit. You can continue to load products, but at a rate of 1,000 new ones per day.

You can work around this by setting Fitment filters. Keep "Import products with zero stock" and "Allow products without images" unchecked, but consider check marking "Exclude universal fitment parts". Any of these will exclude a lot of products you maybe won't want in your store anyhow!