Q: If I buy the enhanced plan, will the app automatically calculate the shipping costs?
A: The standard plan can embed shipping costs.  This is in the Pricing tab and can be set to the min, average, or max shipping rates. For "live" shipping quotes you can use the Enhanced plan which has live rates from Turn 14. The Enhanced plan of the app gives you access to the Turn 14 live shipping rates.

Q: I started using your Turn 14 app on Shopify and I would like to know if there is any way to do automated tax and shipping pricing at the check out? I'm selling jeep parts that I own in stock in my shop, and I would like to start selling from Turn 14 to Israel… but the only thing that I’m afraid of is the tax.

A: Hello. That's not something the app does; that's something you can set in your Shopify admin settings. This video provides a nice tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85W3N6YjFNA However in the pricing tab of the app there is a spot to add an extra margin for taxes, duties, or other fees.

Q: Do you have any recommendation for a shipping rates calculator? A lot of larger stores have this, and I've made standard rates for my own items but with such a larger inventory from T14, it's smart to have one for all API items.

A: Turn 14 uses dynamic shipping rates. One option is to advertise 'free shipping' then embed the estimated shipping cost in each product. This can be a very good strategy. To enable this, go to the Pricing section of our app and enable "Embed estimated shipping code" then select minimum, average, or maximum shipping estimates. Another is to upgrade to the Enhanced plan and use the live shipping rates option.

Q: How can I calculate the cost of sending products from certain shipping zones? Do I have to add the Turn 14 Warehouses addresses?

 A: It should not be necessary to add the warehouse addresses. But you can add flat shipping rates using the Shopify zones.  This will ensure that each order has shipping added to the cart. This video has more details. 

I hope this helps!