To enable this option go to the orders tab in the Turn 14 app, and make sure you have both enable tracking synchronization and allow Shopify to mark orders as cancelled.

There will be a pop up you need to acknowledge: 

This option allows you to cancel orders in Shopify without reaching out to the DH2T's team to cancel the fulfillment request. Please note that DH2T cannot request nor verify that an order has been cancelled within Turn 14 Distribution's system. It is your responsibility to confirm orders are cancelled within their system via their website or their support team. 

Then you are good to go! The next time you need to cancel an order follow the below instructions. 

There's two different scenarios for cancelling an order, first if we haven't even sent the order to Turn 14 yet, it will look like this.

In Shopify go to orders, select the order you want to cancel and then open it up. If it's being cancelled right away, before it has been processed by our order and tracking automation you will see a status where you can cancel immediately "Cancel request".

If the order is being cancelled later on in the process and has already been accepted by Turn 14, you will see slightly different options. For this scenario you need to first cancel the Order with Turn 14 (In order to cancel an order, you'll need to log into, go the "Invoices and Tracking" tab, and find the purchase order.  Cancel all of the orders and their lines and then submit. Once you receive the cancellation confirmation email for all parts you've ordered, you can cancel the order.  This typically happens automatically within a few minutes, but will take longer for any direct from manufacturer drop shipments.)

Once that is done, you can go into your Shopify order and you will see the "cancel request" button has disappeared and the location "Turn 14 Distribution API" has the status "Accepted". 

This means our order and tracking automation already sent this order to Turn 14. At this point, you can now click the ellipses and a popup option will appear either to Request cancellation or Fulfill item.