Before we start the order testing please check these items:

-Make sure you are on the enhanced plan for the app. (You will see in the order and tracking tab green text that says enabled, or red text if it's not.)
-Make sure you have a payment method set up with Turn 14. Admin users for your account can enter one here:
-In your Big Commerce setting follow these steps if not already done:

Make sure to set the phone number as required during checkout:

1. In your Control Panel, navigate to Advanced Settings, select Account Signup Form, then click the Address Fields tab
2. Find the row named Phone Number, and click the three dots under the Action column to the right, and select Edit from the dropdown
3. Check the Required box in the Edit the Text Field modal that pops up
4. Save your changes

You must also set the shipping manager. 

In the BigCommerce admin go to store setup, select shipping, then click edit:

 After edit is clicked, you can proceed to setting up the shipping rates. This link (BigCommerce Help Center ) is a guide for shipping setup.

Once you are ready to start the testing follow these steps:
  1. Go to the Orders tab and ensure that your environment is set to "Testing"
  2. In the BigCommerce admin go to orders, create a bogus order, then expand the order and press the "Ship Items" button (it won't be fulfilled because it is a test order, make sure to use a real address and phone number.)
  3. The below window will pop up. From here you can set the quantity to ship. Select the Turn 14 Distribution as the option for "How would you like to ship?". Then click the button "Create Shipment".
  4. Email us the order number to send it over (this will be automated after we finish testing)
  5. The Turn 14 support team will then review the test order and enable production mode for your account (if they approve)
  6. Switch over to Production mode in the Orders tab

 You will be able to see order updates in the staff notes about the synchronization status:

Editing an order:
If there is an error - for example a typo in the address - go to the shipments tab under orders.

Then pick the affected shipment and hit the delete button.

Once this is done, go back to the view tab, and click the menu button on the order and edit it.

Next change the status back to awaiting fulfillment. This will trigger the order and tracking system to refresh and get the updated order details.
For staff notes:
They should be above or below the Turn 14 app order notes so the app won't overwrite them.

The START and END are used as an indicator in the Turn 14 apps order notes.