Order and tracking is usually not needed for new stores, but if you want the ease and convenience of DH2T doing handling this for you then you can do it with the app! 

  • Tracking data can be enabled by clicking “Enable tracking synchronization” under the orders window. These numbers take some time to generate - about an hour.

  • Turn 14 doesn’t automatically enable order & tracking synchronization; you have to request it.

  • BigCommerce doesn't allow complete automation, they still require a human to press a couple buttons, but this package allows you to cut out the copying of order information from BigCommerce to Turn 14, and then also having to copy the tracking information back to the customers.

Here are some frequently asked questions:

  • When a customer orders parts through someone's store, where are the parts delivered? Direct to the customer.  Our app sends the order to the warehouse distributor for fulfillment.  They create a tracking number which we send back to the store (to give to the customer).  The warehouse distributor ships the products to the customer

  • Directly to the customer or directly to the Shop whose website they are connecting through? To the consumer.  There are some rare exceptions where the store owner will ship to their own address or to a shipping way point.

  • I think this could be a question that's asked and I'm wondering myself.  I'm assuming parts go to the shop if the shop is doing the work, but some customers may want to do the work themselves? Yes to both.  Some of our clients do the install work as well.  They might even have their online store at a kiosk in their brick and mortar store to let the customer pick the part they want.